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    small update's please be aware that my fc has changed my new one is at the top of this thread and in my sig

    I have decided that anyone who can clone may have any pokemon they wish for free provided that they send me the original and an extra copy that I can trade to someone but please don't expect to get 30 pokemon in one trading session as it is very time consuming 6 is reasonable but I might push for 12.

    regarding the update, I've obtained a dw dialga,shiny palkia and a few other mon's I've yet to post I have my driving test at the end of the week after which I will thoroughly update all pokemon iv's,natures,evs e.t.c.

    updated with this guy:

    Scyther adamant technician
    level 1 hatched by me

    just hatched him moment's ago my first shiny to ever come out of an egg I love this shiny charm thing

    Staryu(all have natural cure and are Timid)
    no1 26/31/31/31/29/31 hp dragon
    no2 26/31/31/31/9/9 hp ice
    no3 26/31/14/26/31/31 hp grass
    no4 6/31/31/6/9/31 hp ground

    Forgot to mention their all OT'd to me also if you want a nickname let me know
    white 2 0820 3759 9704
    HEY YOU!! Check out my shop -->
    pokedex complete!! shiny charm obtained thank you Zerrah for the final piece
    Don't try to apply logic to Pokemon
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