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Zephyr - Hive - Plain - Fog
Storm - Mineral - Glacier

Eliza - Vibrava - lv 36
Baron - Gyarados - lv 37
Andrew - Sandslash - lv 37
Ira - Nidorino - lv 36

Beat Chuck and got Fly, yay! But Eliza was three levels out from being able to fly yet, so I putzed around in the Whirl Islands for a while. And got lost again. Eventually made it back to Olivine and took on Jasmine after medicating Amphy. Since I struggled a lot beating her and Chuck and everyone was still lv 32, I went back over to train around the Safari Zone. Evolved Eliza, taught her Fly. Got bored with grinding and took on Pryce. Somehow won.

Couldn't be arsed to go back to grinding so headed for the Radio Tower. Was assaulted by Felix. Beat everyone up to Proton. Went to the basement place and was again assaulted by Felix. I'm trying to get crap done dude geez. Finished up with Team Rocket fairly easily, though I still feel underleveled. :| Next time I'll pick up my last two team members and train. A lot.
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