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So, should I just wait until people seem interested in helping out with spam, or is there something I can do about that?

Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Thought I'd ask here, there might be a few vBulletin wizards here. Anyways, I'm working on a simple username plugin system that allows you to customize a username without actually changing it. I have it working... For the most part. However, I have this problem:

The usernames don't appear properly on the "Last Post By". This is what I have:

if ($user[userid] == 49) 
    $user['musername'] = "リザードン";
    $user['username'] = "リザードン";
    $user['postusername'] = "リザードン";
} a product of vBulletin and it hooks into "fetch_musername". What variable would I use to make the name edits appear on the Last Post By properly?
You have more access to the server than me, so just check out the .php file that handles that stuff in the most recent post box, and see which variable it uses.

That's how I manage to make what I make, honestly.
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