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Name: Narnia

Partner Pokemon: Bumblebee the Ditto and Mickey the Aipom.

Reason for Joining:

Normal types, normal types, normal types. Where to begin? They're one of the most underrated types out there and don't always judge on what others say. Personally they're one of my favourite types, they stand out to me, they're one of the greatest. Despite the name "normal", they're so much more than that simple six letter word. They have great,diverse movepools and few weaknesses, in fact only one! They have some of the most interesting Pokemon and really even though most HM slaves belong to the normal-type, I've tried using Pokemon like Zigzagoon on my team and they were fantastic battlers. I adore normal types as well for there cuteness and just in general everything about them, to be honest they should be the wonderful type except a type called that sounds pretty strange so we'll leave the name how it is.

Answer the current topic:

I suppose Ditto, it stands out from any Pokemon not just the normal-types. The concept behind it is one of the most interesting and fascinating things to think about. A purple blob with two dots for eyes and a smiley mouth, being able to transform into any Pokemon without trouble. Being able to copy their exact stats and movesets, it's only move being Transform. It's so interesting Ditto, it's like the Pokemon representative of Optimus Prime from Transformers.

Also I think a close second would be Smeargle. It's weird how if Smeargle sketches a move, it can learn and remember the move. Sketch is an interesting move, how it can make Smeargle learn any move at all even things that you'd usually think of impossible such as Roar of Time and other signature moves. Also it's sort of testing your luck when using it, you never know what move Smeargle might sketch and the movesets might end up different to what you hoped for.