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Originally Posted by cibir View Post
Hey! I've wanted to put together a fire-type team forEVER, and obviously there's a huge type disadvantage with Water. Now I have Black version, and have essentially all the Pokemon to date at my disposal.

So far, I'm basing my team around a Charizard and a Rapidash. I have not yet decided about the other members. I would be using it for battles with friends and my second victory against the elite four.

Does anyone have any suggestions about fire Pokemon that might be able to learn powerful grass- or electric-type moves? I would still be at a defensive disadvantage, but at least I could knock them out quickly.

Also, is there anything else I should know when building a fire-type team? Thanks.
Most Fire types can learn Solarbeam.
Who you should add is Ninetales with Drought ability as your lead, not only to fire Solarbeams in one turn but also to decrease water power.
Another good addition is Arcanine with Wild Charge.
Also your Rapidash can learn Wild Charge.
There are some fire types that can learn Thunderpunch so the choice is yours
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