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Yeah, Ace Attorney 1 is really, really tough to find nowadays. Unfortunately, even today I did not manage to find it. However, fortunately, I managed to emulate it on the DS emulator, so, it's all okay. ^^

Another game I had trouble finding was The World Ends With You on the DS; it's a very popular game for the DS, and I had a really hard time finding it, until I've finally saw it for 39.99 at a local video game store. It was also the last copy there left, so, I guess I got lucky!

Then... there was Tales of Vesperia. It's a very popular game for the X-Box 360. However, to my surprise, I finally found one copy at a local GameStop store, and, it came at a reasonable price! I was... kind of surprised!

The same goes for Tales of Symphonia, where I finally found it at a flea market a long time ago, but, Tales of Symphonia is getting really, really rare and hard to find nowadays. :(

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