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∣ Amethyst Yula
Jubilife Outskirts

Chapter Two: Part Five
Reach for Hope

Amy was startled when her 'flight pattern' was changed and she was slowly hovering toward... A small group. "Ah!" Amy was nice again jolted by another jump scare, this one coming from Emily, who was now hanging onto Amy's ankle. It seemed this was out of her control, so she chose not to try and fight it, simply glancing back at Lucy for a few moments before turning back, now looking at the girl who seemed to be doing this. "Who am I? My name is Amethyst, who are you?"

Faith appeared nearby, speaking to Amethyst, "That-- my sister is fused with this girl! I know it for sure!"

"Really?" Amy raised her eyebrows, staring at seemingly nothing. "Now what?"

"Here, let me take over, okay?" Faith walked /into/ Amy, and once she did, Amy's eyes both turned a bright blue and began to glow. "Sister, I've been searching for you for a while!" The voice spoke through Amy's mouth, adding some sort of echo effect. "I hope you're alright," she added, gazing up into the larger girl's eyes.

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