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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter One: Part Two
    Ashes of Beauty

    "Gaia did this?" She clenched her fists, and the gloves made a sound that can only be described as 'stretching leather'. "They will pay... Penance will be my sword!" She sighed slightly, to relax herself and probably look less... Threatening. "Help clear the rubble? I am certainly capable of doing such a thing!" She 'courageously' made her way to the gym, and decided to help the girl and the Probopass clean out the gym. As they made their way further into the building, shattering rubble into gravelly bits, Eris looked alarmed.

    The girl looked up at her in confusion. "What's wrong?"

    "Do I hear voices? Are there people contained in this mess?"

    The girl nodded. "In the basement, that's why we're cleaning this up."

    "Alright, thank you." She decided to pick up her pace, smashing rocks all over the place, following where she thought she had heard the voices from. after a few minutes of rock-smashing, she came across a door on the ground. "I think I may have found the basement!" She tugged at the handle, but it seemed to be jammed shut. She tugged harder, and the handle simply snapped off. "Oh dear," she looked at the broken handle she held, then simply dropped it. "Everyone, stand away from the door please!" She shouted into the basement, and waited for an affirmative from someone down there.

    "Alright, I've got it! Yah!!" She let out a battle-cry-esque sound to accompany her ax kick, lifting her leg straight up, and then bringing it down with tremendous force. The door shattered into small pieces, opening up the way for the people to escape. They seemed startled at first by her appearance, no doubt weary of more Gaia members, but immediately realized that Eris was there helping them get free. The group of no-longer-trapped people ascended to the gym floor.

    "Mommy, Daddy!" The girl came right up to two of the people and practically leapt up into their arms.

    Something about the scene made Eris feel warm and fuzzy inside, something she wasn't all too familiar with. Then, of course, it brought a more sour feeling, as she though of the relationship (or lack of) between her parents and herself. She couldn't even remember her mother... Her thoughts had her distracted, even as many of the people from the basement coming to thank her.

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