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    Maeve (Mae) Rosania

    Mae pulled on her leather jacket before picking up the small slip of paper on the coffee table in front of her. She had worked flat out this week and was now reaping in the benefits of her hard work as she pocketed her payslip. Crossing the well-furnished living room, of which dust coated most of the furniture, she pushed open the door and walked down the corridor. The furious clicking of keys of a laptop sounding from an ajar door at the end, the solid hard wood door held open a few in inches with a rather expensive brass statue.

    A lop-sided smile tweaked at her lips as she regarded this for a moment before sticking her head around the door and peering into the room through her long fringe. The long strands of dark hair tickling her nose, as she pushed the statue and the door back to accommodate her body.

    The room was large with a mixture of old and modern styled furniture scattering its insides, while plain white walls reflected the sunlight which came through the large windows which stretched across one side of the room. In the middle lay a large, Chinese styled bed in which her granddad sat, propped up by three pillows, eyes studying his laptop’s screen with an odd intensity.

    “Not going well?” Maeve asked, almost giggling as she watched him grunt and slam his finger down onto the backspace button of his laptop, holding it there for a good while.

    Looking up over his half-spectacles, a look of surprise briefly toying across his face, Anthony Rosania grinned, motioning for his grand-daughter to enter the room. Maeve obliged and made a beeline for the leather chair at the side of the bed. Technically this was where the nurse sat when she made her visits, but for now the space was open, at least for another hour.

    Almost throwing herself into the welcoming soft leather, she grinned at her granddad whom regarded her curiously, a smirk playing with his lips as he shoved his laptop away from him.

    “Cheery today, I see” He mocked, winking at her before folding his arms across his chest and falling back into the pillows at his back, his breaths short and raspy. Maeve, sitting up and propping her head into her hand she almost flinched as she heard his breathing changed with the slightest of movements.

    “Janet not been here today?” she asked, pursing her lips slightly as she watched her grandfather’s face.

    The old man almost laughed at the question and then shook his head.
    “That old battleaxe of a women? I sent her to go and get some Safcoria.” At this he grinned wickedly, twiddling his thumbs together as he stared at the door, the look of pride set firmly across his face. “On account of my heart and all.”

    Maeve however, narrowed her eyes as she tried think about all the herbs and food which her grandfather had told her about from his travels and when she came up blank she just had to ask.
    “Ok you’ve lost me, what is Safcoria?”

    At this her Grandfather met her gaze with his own and shrugged, grinning.
    “You’re guess is as good as mine.”

    “You made it up?”

    “I made it up.” He nodded, smiling as he looked over to the door. “She’s been gone for hours” he added gleefully before turning back to his company.

    “So what is it that I owe the joy of your company today, Mae? Got anything good for me? Any gossip from the coffee shop?”

    Mae shaking her head slightly at her grandfather’s joke, leaned back slightly, chewed on her bottom lip for a while before finally deciding on what to say, not bothering to comment on his trick as it was nothing new. The coffee shop gossip however a common topic in their morning chats, the old man missing his old writing spot like he missed being able to eat all the junk food he used to, though Mae did not regard the place with as much interest as her relation. She worked there at the weekends and it was a nice enough place, though not the most eventful of places. Often filled with old friends of her grandfather’s and other old dears who happened to pass by.

    “Oh! Mary has got herself a new man.” Mae finally said, remembering Mary, the old gal with long silver hair and the apple of many old men’s eye within the café.

    “Drats!” Her grandfather hissed, slapping his own thigh and pouting ever so slightly. “Knew I should have made a move last time I was in.”

    At this Mae almost laughed and the conversation continued for a little while, before the distant sound of the front door opened and slammed shut with enough force to make the walls shudder.
    “ Anthony Robert Rosania!” Came a thick Scottish accent from the bottom floor, it’s loud tones reverberating off the walls. “You lied to me!”

    “Oh dear..” Anthony began, shooting his granddaughter a look, as if pleading her to save him.
    At this, Mae bolted from the chair and darted across the room, the look of pure horror on her grandfather’s face almost making her laugh as she ran for it.

    “I see how it is!” he called after her, as she grabbed her bag from the living room and moved for the back door of the house. He had annoyed Janet, he had to deal with her, as there was no way Mae could handle her sharp tongue right now.

    “See you latter Pap’s!” Mae called, as the heavy footsteps of Janet’s ascent sounded along with numerous mutterings cursing Anthony. “Have a good day Janet!” she added, before going down the back stairs and leaving the house, closing the door behind her just as Anthony’s voice sounded “don’t you “pap’s” me! Betrayer”

    Almost laughing now, Mae readjusted her bag on her shoulder and regarded the world outside, moving down the side ally to the front pavement within a few minutes. She was technically meant to work today, but the Café didn’t expect her in till 5, it being poem night after all.
    So her afternoon was free.

    The idea of free time however, almost seemed alien to the girl as she started to walk down the road. She had been working back to back shifts for so long now that she didn’t know what she wanted to do now she was free.

    So thinking back to her childhood, she remembered the Farris wheel and how she had never actually been on one. Such things being below her status at the time. So Nodding to herself, she began her trip towards her destination, sun beating down onto her dark, brilliant hair.

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