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    Protege Ike

    Ike hurried down the path to the Lost Learners base. He had spent some time in scire town to visit his father (ie give him some money) earlier that day, and he didn't want to waste time. He had just read about a job, on his way out, to some uncharted area (he loved observing new areas and the Pokemon that reside there). The guild was very quiet when he entered, it was the middle of the day, so most members were busy with their lives.
    He hurried to see if the job was still there.... Nope, someone must've taken it while he was gone. Darn, he thought to himself, I knew I should've taken it before I left. Oh well. A little discouraged, he began looking at other jobs he could potentially take. His goal in life was to learn about every Pokemon (and categorize them through taxonomy). So he also enjoyed bounty hunting, because it allows him to learn about different Pokemon.
    Seeing no jobs that pertained to his wishes at the time, he sighed and decided to settle on a rescue mission. He hadn't been on many, but it was still a good way to gain knowledge on Pokemon. He didn't tend to take them though. In all honesty he gets scared looking at them. His mother went missing when he was young, and he's worried to one day see a rescue mission for her in the job papers. He shook his head at the thought, I think too much.
    There was a lot to chose from, it felt like more and more recently, Pokemon had been getting lost in the desert. Ike had a love/hate relationship with the desert; as an electric type, many of his moves are ineffective to the Pokemon that live there, but as a flying type most of the Pokemon that live there's moves are ineffective to him. He finally ended up choosing a mission to rescue a Gligar last seen near the Desert Oasis. He thought about maybe heading back to town, to get some supplies. He preferred solo missions, because he didn't like talking to people, but since it would be in the desert he thought maybe he should ask someone to help him.
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