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The bird CliveKooper suggested is called Shoebill. It's habitat is mainly Sudan. You can find lots of info in Wikipedia. It could be a Flying/Water or Flying/Normal or Flying/Ground(as they love muddy swamps).

The Bilby is a marsupial and it lives in Australia. Very cute animal :3
It could be a Normal type.

Well some animals that I like and I would find interesting as Pokemon would be :

1. Koalas

Could be Normal type or even a Grass type as they are herbivores and are strongly related to trees. Normal/Grass would be best.
They could have the ability Immunity as they eat toxic eucalyptus leaves and they are just fine.

Stats :
75 HP
110 Attack
90 Defense
75 Sp. Attack
105 Sp.Def
70 Speed

2. Blobfish.
Those things are absolutely great! They could be among the 'pink blobs' since its a literally a pink blob.

Stats :
130 HP (It looks bulky and something has to make up for the ugly stats below)
5 Attack (No muscle at all)
5 Defense (no muscles, light and soft bones, very jellyish, soft body)
60 Sp. Att
80 Sp. Def
30 Speed

Looks like an inferior version of Chansey.
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