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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
E&G will be renamed to the Battle Stadium or Center, so its content would be threads for hosting battles (i.e. tournaments, leagues, etc.). PTH would be a new separate forum strictly for RMT threads, but there would be a sticky thread for moveset requests and incomplete team help like with CTH and ITH. However, I'm unsure whether competitive and in-game RMTs would be separated. But basically, it would be similar to the way things used to be with the Battle Stadium and Strategies & Movesets. However, the Pokemon Team Help forum won't include much discussion; it would be there for team building help.
Mmmm, so basically the new Battle Center/Stadium would basically be the new E&G for tournaments and whatnot? I mean, I dunno, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad, because my worry is that the forum would be more or less empty, as we don't have tournies too often, and even if we do, they're kind of forgotten. I suppose with enough advertising, it could work, but that problem still arises.

I mean, my suggestion would be to allow Competitive RMTs as well as In-game RMTs in the new PTH forum, because that would make it easier for convenience reasons and not confuse people as to what goes where. The thing about it is, RMTs are what composes a lot of what BC is now, so PTH would pretty much be about 70-80% of that. Competitive questions and polls could possibly belong in Pokemon Gaming Central, right? That being said, I believe that Tourneys could potentially be held within the new PTH forum, even though that would contradict the very nature of the forum, it would be more organized. u__u;;

I mean, like I said, my fear is the new Battle Stadium forum becoming too empty if it's new role is just to serve as tournies and events. Comm Days are bi-monthy or so (I wasn't here for the first one?), so yeah, activity in that forum would be quite scarce.

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