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    Originally Posted by Clacla View Post
    Wow, this hack is looking even better than last time I saw it! I leave for a couple months and this happens... lol. Well, I can't wait to help with the scripting, and I can help with thread CSS if necessary. And my suggestion about Tyrogue (Since I saw it mentioned) is that it has it's stats buffed a bit, so that it isn't a pushover.

    Thanks brother months can do miracles :p
    I've thought about everything regarding Tyrogue so it'll be everything alright when its playable.

    Originally Posted by Omega Zero View Post
    Sweet, that's pretty cool, that way i can steal use them in my hack.

    With credits of course.
    You can have them all :p
    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    I love that titlescreen :) It's way beyond my ability to make!
    Not that hard todo really, didn't even added any spicy effects or anything :<

    Originally Posted by maxypower View Post
    looks great keep up the good work
    Thanks man, we do what we can :)

    Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
    You know, I always knew you were gonna make this hack work. How many times have you improved the graphics here huh? And I mean, look at them. Wow bro, just wow. I love it, I love everything about it. The tiles, the OWs, the story, and that title is legendary to me. It's the first hack I ever worked on, the first hack I ever co-ran, and the only hack I regretted leaving.

    Good luck man. By the way, next time tell me when you come back from the dead, I've been trying to reach you forever, and all the time you were actually back on PC, the last place I expected you'd be ;-;

    Also, why on Earth am I in the credits? I think I'd remember if I ever made a hacking tool ¬.¬
    Ugh, I think it got reseted/screwed up like 100 times Lol*Too bad there isn't a most reseted hack award* Too bad that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to graphics, and never can get satisfied enough of my work :<

    This time I'am though and will stay that way :p

    Yeah, its you guys who made me come back and try it one last time <3

    Being the best friend and the motive to come back here and hack again like the early days is enough for you to be in the credits list, brother :>

    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    Hey guys, Anbuja told me he'd been working a lot on this hack, he just can't find something presentable for an update.
    Keppin' em updated is cool :p

    Originally Posted by hackstar View Post
    The graphics seems to be promising....Great hack.....
    Thanks, I'll try to promise alot more :>

    Originally Posted by Reb0rn View Post
    This hack looks really professional, I have to say.
    I absolutely love the tiles and the mapping, and I hope the scripting will live up to the same standards.
    Thanks brother the graphics is what I love to do after all :p
    I'm sure with FBI and Clacla it will be up to the standards people like for which I thank especially FBI with him I did probably the most progress done in 3 year, in just 2 weeks <3

    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    I too hope the scripting can live up to the graphic's standards :P
    I wonder where people get these awesome background images for their titlescreens, I can't find any decent ones :(
    Mine is a generic HG/SS route background Lol.

    Scripting is good btw <3


    Off course Giovanni and the grunts are just placeholders, I didn't got around working on the evil subpeople.
    I'm not crazy to make you fight team Rocket, I'd rather fight a whole mafia organization.

    And yes it seems I'm kind off good at making kind off good BB, thats going to be the final BB.

    Jacob had a Abra as his starter, trying to put you and your fighting type into a hard time later in game.

    Bunbun gets in trouble with old friends...

    Majuba Town screens included I might go and remap it maybe though.

    Reb0rn needs credits for the animations, thank you bro.

    Alpha 1.0 is almost at 80% :p

    I have a question that bugged me since the restart of this hack:
    I've been thinking to add maybe supernatural creatures (Orcs, Elves, Demons etc.) as a race, not as actual Pokemon but as trainers with which you can interact and battle around.

    I think that would add alot of fun for me, but I just wanted to get some opinions first.
    Off course like always I'd sprite them all :p

    I would love if you guys would bother to give me your thoughts to my idea, with pros and contras of that would be very nice of you.
    even a simple yes/no would work but keep in mind that your post don't be counted as rather spam for that.

    Until next timeee ~Anbuja