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    Originally Posted by hanswurst1999 View Post
    Is there a way to add more OW-palettes without JPANs hacked engine?
    Yes, you can just repoint the table. I don't know if there are any limiter bytes that would prevent this though. Also, there is a certain amount of ow palettes that are allowed on screen at once, which is why the game had such a low number to begin with. I don't know the exact number though.

    Originally Posted by thizzman View Post
    Nice Job Karatekid!!! And I'm glad you figured out the secret bases in r/s/e.
    I really love reading advanced tutorials like this, as they help understand things in detail rather than using some tool, in this case OW changer. Hoping for some more tutorials like this (:
    Thanks:p I'm looking into making one for Trainer Sprites. So far I know that there are about 6 different routines which reference the table, all of which have limiter bytes.


    I also just learned, that while FR doesn't have secret bases, it does have the union room, which won't work properly (I think) with my (Darth's, lol) routine as it uses the variable sprites over 240. This needs more research though, and I don't know if anybody really needs the union room... Lol

    Edit: Due to the above and some more thoughts about the OWs over 240, I am going to need to rework a lot of my tutorial to account for it. Please keep an eye out for it.

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