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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    I'll also throw my name in as I figure a week or so from now I will have more time for this.

    I think we might as well get started, so if you are willing to have the ball rolling from your capable hands, Cutlerine, you can start it up!

    As for the thread itself - should I make it now(ish) with the first post being a quick description and link to this, and the following posts the story itself? The alternative is I hijack the first post to include the such when it's made. Yay for ninja edit abilities!
    OK. You make it now, and I'll have an introduction to put into the second post within a couple of days.

    And now... onwards to my writing-desk*!


    *Disclaimer: May not actually be a writing desk. Terms and conditions apply. Obtain the bill-payer's permission first. All rights reserved.

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