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    I also feel it was rushed. Ash's Pokemon aren't even fully evolved yet, when most of them will usually be, especially at least one of the starters. The only ones that are evolved are Leavanny and Unfezant.

    I also hate the fact that they beat off Trip in the qualifying rounds. I like that Ash finally beat him, but there's supposed to be an awesome full battle where he finally shows the rival his skills, but that one-on-one was weak IMO. And I still don't understand why he was suddenly so nice all of a sudden beforehand without any sort of explanation.

    Though I commend them for trying something different instead of the same league formula: Ash eventually beats the main rival about halfway in, which is the whole point/height of the arc, then loses to the friend he met last who may go on to win the league. With this, though I haven't seen the episodes yet, my prediction is that Ash will lose to Cameron, who will either win the league or lose to Vergil right after beating Ash, who will win the league.
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