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    Sorry for poor grammar in-game, but I am working on fixing a few aspects of the game.

    Happy Wednesday, the newest version of Pokemon Chocolate Green is on its way. Just posting to ensure Pokemon Chocolate Green remains worked on. I haven't given the project up yet.

    In Episode 3, you will meet two more of your six rivals. One on them is named Miriam, who will team up with you on your way to the next city. You'll battle the other new rival in front of the second gym.

    Remember the Weekly Siblings from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Well, they're back, and they give off ribbons when they meet you. Wesley of Wednesday will be the first one you encounter on your journey, being located on Route 3. The other six siblings won't be meetable until you defeat the second gym leader, Caiden, who uses Dark-type Pokémon.


    For comic relief, Sunny won't give you a ribbon on Sundays until after you defeat the Champion. You'll find out why when the time has come.

    What else, there are also Five Professional Trainers that battle you on the weekdays. For instance, on Thursdays, you can battle Natalie, a master of Steel-type Pokémon.

    Good luck, and hope you are looking forward to Chapter 3.


    The third gym leader is a female with blond hair and wears blue attire.
    The fourth gym leader is a cross-dressed male gym leader, he even has eye-shadow.
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