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    The last few pages reminded me why I've missed Dave so much. The chair thing, Karkat Marx, and I cant control the crab....just so much Dave humor in a few days. I literally laughed out loud when he made fun of Karkat's chair, which is probably the only time i have ever actually laughed out loud from something on the internet. I dunno why, its funny.

    In other news, I'm kinda bummed out Terezi regained her vision. She's like, not even the same person without being blind, much less as the juggalo smooching wreck she is now. Somehow it makes her change in personality much more impactful (ha, I butchered that sentence). Thats probably what Hussie had in mind the whole time anyway. I mean come on. Coincidemces like that dont even happen most of the time

    As for pairings, I dont really have a lot of weird ones, like NepetaXJohn (like wtf)

    Note that these are just opinions (equips flame armor)

    For Hearts, I like JohnXRose. I dunno why, its just kinda cute how they interact pre-act 5 act 2 :3

    Spades: I like Terezi and Vriska, they had a pretty good rivalry going for a moment there, but I think maybe they were better suited for diamonds at some point. There really arent any kismesis pairing that I like other than that.

    Diamonds: John and Dave. The note that Dave gave John on his 13th birthday says it all.

    Clubs: Uh, I guess Kanaya, Tavros, and Vriska. I dont really like the fact that this one exists, exept to make fun of how many Kanaya had and how many Eridan wishes he had.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!
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