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Gio Luca - [Insert Cool Post Name Here]

Poochyena is quite... peculiar to say the least. And its musical tastes seemed to differ greatly from Gio's. This little guy would rather listen to Audioslave or Scorpions, instead! Add the fact that Gio's flesh seemed delicious to the 'mon, and, there you go! A wild Poochyena attacked!

It wasn't really smart, though, or else it wouldn't be lying in the ground [unconscious] right now. It soon succumbed to the Pokeballs might, and:

Pooch of Awesomeness
was caught!!!

Lv. 5
Quick Feet
-Poison Fang

You may now proceed to handle the rest of the situation, bunnying Birch as Gio explains what happened to him. In the end, Gio will receive 5 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. You're then free to do as you wish around the Routes.

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