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Anyone else really happy about the news that FFX HD is going to come out on PS3 instead of just Vita... AND it will be bundled with X-2 on PS3? I'm impressed they're doing both games instead of just the first. I secretly kind of like X-2 even better in some aspects so it'll be fun to play it again. I am pretty disappointed that the games won't be bundled on Vita though--I'd prefer to get them on Vita so I can play on the go but there's not much point if I'll get better value by buying the PS3 version.
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I finally got KH1.5 :) I am really enjoying it. So glad SE/PS is releasing this, (which there is no reason not to). Anyways I'm listening to Brother Bear music..I want a Brother Bear world, but one world I really want to be added in KH is the Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I think that world be really amazing!
...I think you are literally the only person in my whole life I have ever seen mention Brother Bear in any sort of positive light. XD;