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    I have to say, I just went through the most awesome and satisfying moment in my gaming career. I made it to the end, watched Ghetsis cross the line from evil to irredeemably evil, then he told me he'd enjoy seeing me lose all hope...

    And I curb-stomped him without losing a single Pokemon.

    I am dead freaking serious. I paralyzed his Hydreigon with DragonBreath. I one-shotted Seismitoad and Bisharp, used my own Seismitoad to take down Eelektross by spamming Drain Punch, took advantage of Bouffalant's recoil damage after my Emboar used Brick Break, and got lucky and got a critical hit from Sigilyph's Shadow Ball on his Cohagrius.

    It was the most satisfying game moment ever for me. Just wanted to get that out there.