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Mm overall I'm mainly DS focused when it comes to gaming although I do have my share of other consoles as well. I've played the Sims quite a bit before and I think I enjoyed creating cities, sending my Sims out Downtown and other places, watching them do hilarious things but then my interest died down a little and now I can't find the disc. :(

As for my DS, I don't stick to one gaming series, generally I try all sorts. I've tried Dragon Quest IX and that was an immensely enjoyable game, also I was bursting into laughter at some of the horrible puns they made with all of the monster's various names. I've tried Final Fantasy and I think it was pretty good although I never got around to finishing it along with Professor Layton, which is brain-busting. ;______;

Eh as for watching TV, I watch around an hour a day that's about it really. I watch the news my parents flick on in the morning and evening and then sometimes watch a Big Bang Theory episode, but generally you'd probably rarely find me sitting on the couch watching TV, I'd most likely just be sitting by the computer or doing something else.