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I caught a shiny Rattata in Heart Gold so I decided to make it useful. Raticate's sad lack of Fake Out makes it completely unacceptable as an anti-lead so I did it anyway. Here are six moves I'm having difficulty making four:

-Sucker Punch
-Thunder Wave

Taunt is meant to disable things that exist to hide small sharp rocks in my cake. Leads do that. If the lead switches to something that knows it can set up on Raticate, he roars it away. It also helps me scout a little. If the thing tries to punch Raticate instead of switching, he punches the sucker first. The synergy between Pursuit and Thunder Wave/Taunt is obvious, but Pursuit is my least favorite option. I'm running an anti-lead Raticate; I'm pushing things enough already. U-Turn is a practical choice because it's nice to think that something might switch out on a Raticate, but it's much more likely that he'll be the one who has to beat it.

I thought about doing something with Endeavor but it didn't feel nasty enough. I discounted Swords Dance because my pest is wild-trapped, not from lab stock, and thus has not evolved the ability to set itself on fire and whirl suicidally into whatever poor forest creature. Please leave an opinion unless your opinion is dumb. I bet it isn't though. You're too pretty.

Oh, and I don't raise no coward, but the poor guy's ability is Run Away. Made me sad too.