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Name: Tim!

Partner Pokémon: Weavile and Abomasnow

Why: I just like the winter season. I like snow, and here in Belgium it doesn't seem to stop... Another thing is that I can withstand the cold very good. Winter landscapes here are so beautiful. I live on the countryside and it is just marvelous then.
About the Pokémon: they are so "chill"
Some of them have really true elegance (like Articuno), others remind me of Christmas (like Abomasnow). I like how they look and battle like real warriors. I really hope for some more Ice-pokémon in the next generation and I also hope they will be obtainable earlier in the games!!!

Answer the current topic: Honestly, I can't really answer this one. I play the normal gameboy and nintendo games only. I always use a team that has all the hm's (no hm-slave) and can beat the Elite Four. So my team is always mixed up in terms of pokémontypes. But after defeating the E4 I do tend to create other teams, sometimes according to pokémontype.
I'm sorry I couldn't answer this topic better.