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Fara O'Shay & Birdie
??? / Violet City
"What if this is important? There might be life in here. You might have broken it..." Birdie whined as he snatched Fara's egg out of midair before she had a chance to catch it once more.

Fara couldn't help but have a fit of laughter, even to the point where she bent over while she hugged her sides, while looking at Birdie's face. He was concern over a single PokeEgg was just too much for her, they hadn't even beaten the first gym leader, why on earth would the game give them something of such importance now, of all times? The impressive thing was that he actually took the egg from her, Fara wasn't the least bit worried because it was her egg no matter who held it now.

"Good idea, hold my egg for me, you're such a gentlemen," Her voice sounded sincere as she delivered her message as she continued to walk after her momentary stop.

"Halt!" A called out voice, which startled Fara.

Fara swung her head around to see a silhouette of a man running across the sand toward the duo. Instinctively Fara walked backwards toward Birdie and stood in front of him as if she were a guard that would protect him from whatever this mysterious wo/man wanted. She wasn't sure if it was a NPC or not and Fara didn't want to risk the chance of it being a true threat. When the man came closer Amell recognized that character from someone, Crystal, but didn't exactly remember what importance he had in the game or what his name was in the game.

"Where did you find that pokémon egg?" After the man spoke Fara noticed the gym arena that was in front of them, how very convenient that just happened to be there. "I claim it! I'm collecting pokémon, and there is a pokémon in there for sure! Give it to me, or battle me for it!"

"Birdie, listen to me closely," Whispered Fara to her companion she didn't want to risk the purple suit guy listening to their conversation. At this point Fara's face had turned complelely solemn, she wasn't going to lose her egg to any Trainer/NPC in this game. The only thing is that Birdie could wander off and find himself back in Violet City without her or worse someone else in the game and what if she never saw him again? "You are to flee, go towards the building, anywhere but here. I'll stall this guy. Now, go!"

"B-but--" Birdie exchanged looks with both Fara and the purple clad gentleman, who Sophie recognised very much so. Being a Pokémon fanatic, she knew this was rare Pokémon hunter and Suicune lover, Eusine. As far as she remembered, he was stupid, but determined. He felt his heart jump in his chest and started to step back towards the way they came.

"You want to know what I collect?" Fara smirked at her opponent, all she had was a Geodude that would help her against his Electrode and who else knew what other Pokemon he had inside of that suit. "Nothing, because that's what people leave when they're whited-out!"

The purple clad man's face grew frustrated. "But what will you do if I do... THIS!" he said and suddenly called out a second pokémon, effectively making it a double battle and forcing either Fara to release a second pokémon or Birdie to join in a tag battle. The second pokémon was a Girafarig who materalized right next to Electrode and let out a rather nasty howl. How do giraffes even sound? Certainly not like this.

At the sight of a second Pokémon, Birdie stopped dead. What would happen if... they were stronger than Fara thought? Sure, she had three Pokémon now but they were still all very young. Swallowing hard, he trudged back, holding the egg tightly to his chest. With his other hand, he tugged at Todo's PokéBall and held it in his hand. He also had his Berry Brewing (if only he had a bottle to make that dumb potion) and the healing berries the Alchemist had given him earlier.

He would not let his friend risk her life like this. Plus, he felt a little bit sick of being useless.

"Please Fara, let me help," he said, holding up his PokéBall.

When Birdie did that, Eusine's face suddenly lost its frustrated flavor and turned bleak. "Ah! You are too strong for me!" he exclaimed and fell down on his knees in the sand all of a sudden, almost sobbing. His Electrode and Girafarig turned around to look at him, Electrode with a face of slight disgust and Girafarig with a look of pity.

"I should have known this act of threatening would be futile. Forgive me, my friends," he said, turning to his pokémon with a snot hanging from his nose. He looked rather devastated now.

"Of course it was!" Her voice filled with false confidence that Girafarig had her just a tiny bit worried. Fara arched her left eyebrow at the man, what was going on here?

"Uh... You see..." he then continued, after having blown his nose into his mantle, "Trainers end up here now and then. And all of the seem to find an egg. And I am a pokémon collector. Pokémon eggs are precious to me. I cannot completely explain why... But I just need to try and get my hands on them. But I don't want to battle you because something tells me it will be awful. I am just so... So..." Electrode rolls over to Eusine and nudges him to get up as he once again blows his nose into the before-white mantle. "Thank you," the man says hastily to the pokémon.

"So lame?" Fara offered up. Here she thought that she was actually going to experience a Trainer battle. She grabbed onto Birdie's arm and started to walk toward the buildings they had previously seen. Somehow there had to be a way back to Violet City so that they could challenge Faulkner, well, Fara could she wasn't quite sure what Birdie was going to do. This Eusine mentioned something about Trainers ending up here, perhaps he knew where they were and how to get back to Violet City. "Anyway, we'll be on our way, but you can tell me where we are?"

Eusine seemed to have finished sobbing for now he stood straight up with only a little sigh coming from him.

"Yes, I can because I am allowed to be here while you are just some players who ended up here prematurely." Way to break the 4th wall, Eusine? "You are on the coast just north of Cianwood City."

He returned the Girafarig and the battle layout changed back into a single battle with just his Electrode being called forth. That is, if anyone should bother looking in menus while battling. But no one in MAO really does since voice commands are implemented well enough to make it feel like the players really are authentic pokémon trainers in a living world.

The purple man continues in a muttering voice. "But I am still an artificial Game Master who has decency enough to teleport you back to where you should be instead of letting you run along here."

His tone got more serious, but his face still wore a slightly disappointed look. His craze for rare pokémon seemed to extend to more than just Suicune in this game. He seemed to pull up some kind of menu in front of him, but it was invisible to Fara and Birdie... Only one kind of menu in this game is completely invisible, while normal menus can just blur out information for onlookers. A GM menu!

Just like the one that professor Elm back in New Bark Town could not manage to bring up, leading to his frustration over not being able to help players after the lockdown.

Before Birdie or Fara could do anything more, Eusine had clicked on something in the menu. The environment changed. The sounds of the ocean and the strong seaside sun disappeared. They were back in Violet City, right in the spot where their foot should have landed in the step that glitched them away in the first place.

Cianwood City...

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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