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    Fighter Michael Abbott

    Returning from Praelia Town where he visited his parents' graves, Mike was heading back to base. He made it a habit of visiting them once a month or so to talk to them and update them on what he's doing. He hasn't been with the Breakers for very long and he was a little nervous about actually performing in the field. Looking down to his gloves, the little Tyrogue looked forward and threw a couple of punches in the air, fueling his adrenaline and desire to do his best.

    Soon after, he approached the entrance to the base, located at the base of the volcano. He slowly entered the door, only to hear the voice of their new commander, Brutis. "Gather everyone in the practice yard," he overheard Brutis tell another. Not wanting to disappoint his new leader, Michael quickly ran out to the practice yard, telling others that he saw as he went. He stood in the yard, waiting for the commander to talk to them. From what he gathered, their previous commander, Brick, died during a recent mission and they elected Brutis to take his place. Michael made a solemn promise to himself that he wouldn't let anyone else die if he could help it.

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