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    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    So, we should entertain them so that they don't do something more crazy instead?
    You keep equating the fight against prejudice and discrimination as entertainment. It's not entertainment. Not for the WBC, and certainly not for us.

    One of the most successful actions taken against this group is to use their own protests to raise financial support for the LGBT community (to the WBC's chagrin), forcing the WBC to discontinue their protests. The work we do to fight against this group is paying off, with some pretty high-profile members (remember this group is mostly made up of family members) leaving the "church."

    The loudest voices are the ones that are successful at spreading a message. So I ask you this, do you want those voices heard to be the ones for intolerance, and hatred? Or do you want the voices you hear crying out advocating for peace, and love? A dozen or so WBC protesters show up at a funeral or event that they object to, in response, hundreds of counter protesters drown out their voices of hatred with voices of love.

    And you know something, I also think this 9-year-old boy has it right:

    Do you think he should have stayed at home and remained silent too? His counter-protest, this simple displaying of a message that God hates no one, has received national attention. Sounds to me like his voice was the louder one, and it was the voice of the WBC that was drowned out that day.

    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    If they vandalize the property, would that be enough to legally (?) label them as a hate group and ban their protests?
    The WBC is already designated as a hate group. They are prohibited from entering Canada and the UK because of their actions (notice I didn't say beliefs). However, being designated a hate group is not justification enough, in the U.S. at least, to prevent them from continuing their protests. Don't forget the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their first amendment right to protest all they want in the manner that they do. Hate speech, in the U.S. is not illegal. It is in Canada, and rightly so.
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