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Caradoc watched Maeve go about her morning, he always watched his Maeve. She was his life. As Maeve left the solace of her own room Caradoc followed her down the hallway of her grandfather dank, but rather nice home, not that the quality of the house meant anything to him as long as Maeve was happy. That was important; Maeve had to always be happy.
Caradoc slipped into the room behind Maeve as she squeezed through the barely open door into her grandfathers own bedroom, where he sat atop a Chinese styled bed – odd for a man living in Seattle.

Caradoc glimpsed at the laptop screen, reading the wonderful story that the old man was working on whilst listening intently to the conversation between Maeve and her grandfather. It was a humorous exchange between the two relatives. Caradoc laughed inwardly at his charge’s brilliant wit, she was not just pretty and hard working; she was also hilarious. He couldn’t be happier to be paired with a woman such as her.

At the arrival of the snarky old nurse Caradoc again had to slip through a narrow gap as Maeve sprinted out of the room and down the houses back flight of stairs before heading on down the road. Caradoc felt as though there was a spring in the girl’s step that day which put him in a wonderful frame of mind. If Maeve was this happy, why shouldn’t he be?


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."