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Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
In R/S/E, we had the chance to battle and catch some good friends of mine, Regice, Regirock and Registeel. What made them unique was how you had to solve puzzles in order to battle them. These were written in Braille and gave directions to do certain things in order to open doors. So which is your favourite Regi? Which was hardest to catch? Do you still remember how to do the puzzles?


So icy~
My favorite Regi is Regice, because of its sleek design, hilarious footprint in the Pokedex, cryptic Braille text ("Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice.") its ability to generate frigid air of -328 degrees Fahrenheit, and taking the concept of "NeverMeltIce" to a whole new level by not melting even if immersed in freaking magma... Something about that entry always appealed to me. Oh, and we can't forget Regice's totally amazing game cry. :3

Regirock is appealing in that it takes rocks of different locations to repair itself, and Registeel's extraterrestial metallic "skin" piqued my interest as well (and Registeel's game cry kind of sounds like the sound effect of a transforming Transformer).

It usually takes me 1-3 tries to get to the Sealed Chamber... I have some markers on the way to there memorized, but usually I screw up and get led astray on the seas due to the fast currents near Pacifidlog Town. XD As for the 3 caves where the Regis are sealed, I have their locations memorized... Island Cave was probably the most surprising one for me because you really have to go out of your way to get to it on Route 105; it was a nice surprise when you traversed Route 105's water via a Surfing Pokemon rather than tagging along on Mr. Briney's old boat, finding that remote cave in the process.

Right now, I only have Emerald...I get the puzzles screwed up because I have the Ruby/Sapphire cave puzzle variants memorized to a fault...yet Emerald toys with me because it not only reverses the Relicanth-Wailord order, it alters each puzzle in a different way. So even if I have the RS puzzles memorized, if I don't have Internet handy, I have to go through the trouble of painstakingly translating the braille again, if I even have a Braille translator nearby. :cer_laugh:

I remember the first time that I was accessing the Regis in Sapphire, it was right before we went on winter break during one year in the past. I think one of my friends caught Regirock (or Registeel?) with a different Poke Ball than the one I wanted it to be caught in (a Timer Ball? can't remember the specific Balls for sure), so instead of saving after caughting Regirock/-steel, I turned off the game to do it over and catch the Regi in the ball I wanted. Unfortunately, I forgot how to do the cave puzzle (I'm thinking it was probably Registeel, because the "Fly in the middle" puzzle resonates greatly with this memory), so I had to wait for the entirety of winter break until we returned to school so my friend could teach me how to do the puzzle again. :cer_laugh:

Oh, and the battle theme music for the Regis was just boss; one of the most entrancing and memorable (and occasionally irritating, when you've thrown like 50 Ultra Balls and repeatedly see AncientPower jacking up a given Regi's stats like crazy XD) battle themes ever.

Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
I could the puzzles to open each Regi chamber with ease, not the actually first step to open the regi though. my favorite Regi out of the trio is Registeel because it is the first and only steel/rock type I know of. Regirock is boring and Regice is too weak.
:cer_confused: Um, Registeel is a pure Steel-type... As for Steel/Rock-type Pokemon, there's Aron, Lairon, Aggron, and Bastiodon at the moment...
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