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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    You very well might have an older version. Make sure you are using the one in the topic post now, or in Snakebyte's signature (the same one). The version posted here now DOES do the Power Plant correctly with Rayner (I've done it!). If that doesn't work, it might be possible to just remove the flags causing everyone to be hidden and go into the Gym as if the Power Plant was done; after that, you should be able to proceed to Mt. Icestorm without any problems even if you change versions. (BTW, my Electivire is Lv.42, so that's another sign you have a current version.)

    I hope to soon have a Zhery bugfix (and some minor Pokémon changes that I will detail when it's posted) available soon, and that will then become the current version. Of course, Ash will have more things to do on my final version, and I think Snakebyte wanted to do something else as well before it was finally finalized.

    What is "removing flags" and how would I go about doing that? Im currently stuck and I would rather not waste 10+ hours of gameplay because I made a dumb mistake and didnt look up the current version. Thanks for your help thus far.
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