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    First of all, congrats to everyone! I'm honored to be chosen as the music lead, so hopefully I won't let you all down! That being said, if there is anyone who knows anything about inserting music, let me know. Otherwise, I'll be teaching myself as this goes...

    Secondly, to the trio of story-ers. I mentioned earlier that I had an idea, so I figured now would be the time to post it up. The details are of course malleable, and you can use parts or all of it. Originally it was meant for a heavily type-altered hack, so that part can be thrown out as I expect that wouldn't be a popular idea. Also please note that I generally suck at writing, so no laughing at my lack of style please .

    Story. Codename: Noah's Ark
    History of Aelryan:

    The legendary birds and the tower duo watched as humans pilaged and plundered each other, stole and abused pokemon, tried to gain control of the elements, time and space, and pokemon themselves. Humanity was corrupted, and pokemon needed a safe-haven beyond the reaches of the humans.

    Moltres and Ho-oh, with the power of fire, created a volcano in the deep ocean. Lugia, with its psychic powers, influenced the volcano to erupt rapidly, so that a large island appeared in the middle of the ocean within days. It also sculpted the landscape, making terrain suitable for every creature. Zapdos and Articuno set maelstroms inside of an enormous storm, protecting the island from the far-reaching influence of humanity. Any human ship who ventured near it would be sucked in and destroyed.

    Then, slowly, The great birds brought pokemon from all regions to the island. They bread and thrived, and without the constraints of human activity grew stronger than their brothers in their native lands. Over the next several hundred years, some even developed new elemental abilities. The winged mirages continued to protect the island, splitting their time between Kanto which they also guarded.


    Wilton Aelryan and a fishing buddy took their boat out to sea one weekend, hoping to bring in a big catch. However, a storm off the coast pulled them out to sea, and they became hopelessly lost. For days they went without food and water, until at last they drifted into the enormous storm created by Zapdos and Articuno.

    The ship was taking on water, and in an act of mercy, Wilton pulled out his pokeballs and released his pokemon. Those who were water types dived under the swirling waves and escaped. His noctowl flew into the wind until it disappeared in the storm. Only his machoke was left, but neither he nor it could escape the storm. His friend, a cruel man, did not release his pokemon, and instead threw their balls into the ocean. The ship finally broke apart, and all three were swept into the ocean.

    Lugia watched this take place, and seeing that Wilton was merciful to his pokemon, decided to extend that mercy to him as well. Wilton and his machoke washed up on the shore of the protected island, saved miraculously from the deadly storm.

    Wilton's noctowl also found its way to the island after getting lost in the storm. Wilton sent it in search of land with a message telling of his situation. Noctowl eventually found Kanto, reaching Wilton's son at the Lab in Cinnabar. Wilton's Son was a greedy man, and saw the island's discovery as a way to profit. He soon set out with a team and reached the island with the help of his father's noctowl, instead of keeping it a secret as his father wished.

    Slowly, scientists, adventurers, and criminals escaping their regions migrated to the island. Small villages cropped up along the coast, and eventually a Pokemon League HQ was set up in the heart of the island. However, the scientists and adventurers in large part were not interested in living on the island, and so the island soon became overrun with criminal gangs. The Pokemon League, in retaliation, initiated a new police program. They trained talented pokemon trainers from every region to become secret police, hoping to expel the criminals from the island.

    Meanwhile, the legendary birds are angry with the humans, who have taken over their paradise. If something isn't done about the crime in the area, they may wipe out the humans all together...
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