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    Well yeah but I am not looking at it from a technical way. Just see it from a more realistic way. Like, why do they biologically have low HP. Maybe it's because Ghost types are like 'dead' so they don't have any 'life'? This kind of way.

    Oh and Jellicent rocks. Best type ever, great HP and Sp. Def, decent Def and great movepool. Scald, WoW, Toxic, Taunt, Recover etc What else do you want?

    She is as good as Blissey. Blissey also has great HP and Sp. Def, decent Sp.Att and great movepool. She can fill multiple roles like Special Sponge, Cleric, Wish Support, Annoyer(T-Wave, Toxic, Attract, Charm), Blocker and everything else. But basically she is both a special wall and cleric most of the times.
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