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    It's Thursday for me :D

    Can I see some screenshots please, I don't want to download a game if these points haven't been cleared up! You have enough posts to show them here and not send me to another page.

    Personally, I hate the name "Chocolate Green", what's next, "Supermarkets Money Saving Summer Fruits With Abstracts Of Sun Flower Oil"...

    Wesley being my first encounter, do you mean, meet, or battle? Because, what if I played this on a Friday... He shouldn't be there, right?

    Criticism is a way of life, take it and use it how you will... Rudeness is childsplay, let them be rude, just ignore them, nobody here who really enjoys making games etc. will be rude, knowing how hard it actually is to make one with 60% correct grammar and tiles and who knows what else, making one 100% perfect, is almost impossible, Missingno. anyone!

    Before you use 432,243 Pokémon, or whatever they're up to now, try and picture and then write down, ones you won't be using... Will weed out clutter and unbalanced battles.

    Your maps need to --->look<--- as busy as they can with enough space to move.

    To many characters with "special" events will get tricky, can you do this equally? Nothing worse than playing a game and a character you met many times at the start, has decided to leave the game for no reason.

    Are you working alone? If so, maybe get a team together, these people don't need to be college professors or English majors or even smart, creative is what you want/need.

    My rant is over, show me screenshots please