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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
I see the WBC revelling in and feeding off of the media coverage they receive. I know there are actions that oppose them, but I often don't see them. In the news I just see "WBC did such-and-such" not "There was a protest against them" or whatever other positives you listed above. That's what I meant. By strictly having that kind of coverage (the negative), you're entertaining their needs as it were. That's what they live for.

Perhaps doesn't relate 100% to this story, as this is about a counter-measure. But at the same time it's like... oh boy another WBC thread.
You know, for a good part of my life I stayed silent. I ignored the idiots who spew hatred and intolerance from their mouths. I once believed as you did. Ignore them and they'll eventually go away. Only, they didn't. They got louder. They got more obnoxious. The only time they were made to become silent was to answer back in an even louder voice until theirs was no voice at all.

You can ignore groups like this all you want. Stick your fingers in your ears, shut your eyes and cry out "la la la la la" all you want. It won't bother these idiots one bit. In fact, by doing so you validate their message, because you refuse to take a stand. You refuse to give back a message of your own. Your silence, to them, is seen as capitulation, and it emboldens them, allowing them to commit more acts of hatred and intolerance, and laughing at you all the while doing it.

If one 9-year-old-boy who's had enough of these idiots is willing to stand up to them and fight against their hatred, why won't you? Why do you insist on remaining silent and giving credence to this group? Because that is EXACTLY what ignoring them does.

I learned the hard way long ago that ignoring a problem does not make it go away. It only makes it worse. I'm sorry you cannot see that. Maybe one day you will. I hope it's sooner than later.
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