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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
I found the interview but it's certainly not decisive and doesn't say what Pinkie claims it to say.


All this says is that they couldn't combine nicknames and save files in the first game. That doesn't stop them at all from figuring it out now.
Ah, that makes a lot of sense for the early games. I know they were crazy pressed for space back in Gen I at the very least. I guess now they realize that the format of the game makes it sell like crazy if they only have one save per cartridge, too. :P
Originally Posted by Muani View Post
The main reason I would want at least ONE more save file, is to be able to share with siblings or to play the game through again without starting a new file..
Or the new functionality that was in BW2 where you could play again on a harder difficulty... but you could only do that by transferring the difficulty to a DIFFERENT game cartridge iirc. That's ridiculous. You should be able to use your original cartridge, even if it means restarting. It would be a no-brainer if there were two saves because you wouldn't have to transfer at all, just activate it on the new one. :/

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