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    Brutis stood in front of the gathered Breakers. He saw a young Riolu, Faber, bump into a Tyrogue. That was Abbot's son. Bruiser had known the Hitmonchan. He was a good man. His son would be just as good, if his tales were true. He gave a respectful nod to Jen, who had carried out his order. "Thank you, Jen." He gazed out at the gathered pokemon. Most of them were fighting types, others were rock types. Some of the older members were present. A Hariyama called Tidal Fist, a Hitmonlee named Bruce, and Jen of course. "I believe you know what happened yesterday..." He almost choked up. Brick was a great leader. He was a good friend too. "Brick died. I'm in command somehow..."

    There was a shout from Bruce. "You're the best we got! You were the only choice!"

    Bruiser smiled solemnly. "Thank you Bruce. Now that I'm in command, I need to choose my second-in-command." He glanced at the older members. Jen was smurking, almost expecting to win. The others were waiting, almost anxiously, to see who would be the Lt.. "I've been thinking for a while. There was one of you who stood out among the rest." Jen smiled yet again, this time even wider. "Dan, come up here." Tidal Fist came onto the stone platform. "You're my official lieutenant." He beamed with pride and bowed. "The rest of you, there are several different jobs we have to choose from. There will be three that we'll take though. Bruce will lead one, Tidal Fist will lead the other, and I will lead the third."

    Dan, the Hariyama, stepped down. "My group will be going to Iron Chasm to rescue a Shroomish."

    Bruce stood next to him. "My group will be going to the Deep Ferrum Woods. One of our brothers went missing yesterday, and we're going to get him. It was Josham."

    Bruce kept standing on the platform. "My mission is the most important, I believe." He sighed and looked down. "My group will be going to Boulder Canyon. Earlier this morning, Hedrick found Brick's body." The Machoke stepped forward, his head hung in mourning. "We're going to take him to the Breaker's burial ground." Bruiser stepped down. "Hedrick, you're coming with me. The rest of you, choose which mission you want to go on. Choose wisely." Hedrick disappeared into the base, but came out with a massive stone coffin that could contain only Brick.
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