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Gym Leader Jasmine
White 2

Rusty ♂ lv. 39 @ Leftovers
Sturdy | Quiet
[ Crunch, Earthquake, Smack Down, Heavy Slam ]

Allison ♀ lv. 39 @ Scope Lens
Steadfast | Bashful
[ Shadow Claw, Bone Rush, Ice Punch, Force Palm ]

Amphy ♂ lv. 39 @ Amulet Coin
Static | Naughty
[ Thunder Wave, Power Gem, Strength, ThunderPunch ]

Talihina ♂ lv. 39 @ Charcoal
Hustle | Serious
[ Aura Sphere, Nasty Plot, Fly, Flamethrower ]

Aaron ♂ lv. 38 @ Mystic Water
Torrent | Jolly
[ Scald, Ice Beam, Shadow Claw, Metal Claw ]

Aerilyn ♀ lv. 39 @ Hard Stone
Sand Force | Docile
[ X-Scissor, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Metal Claw ]

After we took down some Plasma Grunts, we were kicked off the Plasma Frigate. We went upwards to Chargestone Cave and caught our final party member, Aerilyn the Drilbur. It was really tough to train her (yeah, her...sorry, Shivi!) but once she evolved, it was smooth sailing from there. Aaron also evolved while we were in here. We got to Mistralton and met Skyla and met up with Professor Juniper. We healed and went on to Celestial Tower and got the Lucky Egg from Juniper as well. Praise Dale. Skyla was easy to beat since none of my party members are weak to Flying, and we have lots of good moves to deal with them (ThunderPunch, Rock Slide, Ice Beam...she didn't stand a chance).

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