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    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    Hapiness... the ones I remember are chansey and riolu.

    Stones... to get glaceon in this hack you will need the eevee-s which someone is going to give you and use moon stone on him.

    The others you usually need to trade if im not in mistake evolve at lvl 55/60 or something like that.

    A question for the developer is gallade available in this hack?

    Never really liked glaceon. But lucario is one of my favorites.

    The ones I'd like to know about mostly are trading evolution Pokemon. Which would be the following:


    I don't know about the 5th generation Pokemon. Caught a scraggy so I assume there is something in it like gigalith.

    This will determine my team if I know if these trade evolution Pokemon are in the hack.
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