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Found a Farfetch'd in the grass south of pallet. JESUS
Lvl 37 w/ Hydro Pump, Leaf Blade, Extrasensory and Wild Charge.
Got it down to red + paralyze, and it took 11 Ultra balls before catch, not to mention it got my Electivire and Scizor down past half HP. I was laughing my ass off through the entire encounter

Nice hack btw! Love the 4-5gen attacks, makes Lucario and Scizor more useful(In contrast to most hacks, in which Scizor is less than useful and Lucario is more less than usefull). Making cut steel type + 60 BP -> core on Scizor. And i really like the increase in difficulty all over, actually making me grind the pokemon i always wanted in Fire Red. And thank you, thank you, for not making me learn Flash.
Massive kudos!

On a side note; which Fire pokemon do you recommend? I feel lost without one(Chose Piplup). My thoughts are on Ninetails atm, but Magby is in my box as well.. (I also have a Togekiss in my party, so yes; i caught 3x Togepi in that effing cave. Named them Bacon, scrambled and eggs. GO GO REFERENCE FINDER)

Final note: Keep updating Dark Writhing!
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