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    Michael Abbott - Practice Yard

    Mike felt someone small bump into him while standing around. Turning to see what was the cause, he saw a small Riolu on the ground. She was able to get up and brush herself off. He smiled at her, "Hi there. If you wanted to meet, you didn't have to run into me." He chuckled, showing that he was just making a joke. "My name is Mike, and...", he started to say before he was interrupted by Brutis' booming voice. He quickly turned to their new commander to listen to his words.

    First he chose a new lieutenant by the name of Thunder Fist, a veteran Hariyama. Most of the group agreed that the promotion was well-deserved, and Mike felt the same, though he hoped that he would get promoted one day, when he grew up and evolved into a powerful Hitmonchan. He soon focused back on Brutis, who was announcing their new jobs. A rescue, search, and recovery mission were available. Brutis, though, were letting Dan and Bruce lead the other missions and let the other members choose which mission to take up.

    Though he desired to see Brick one last time before he was buried, he realized that he wasn't strong enough yet to lift either the casket or Brick himself. Sad as it was, he had to skip the recovery mission. So he was down to two: searching for a comrade, or rescuing a shroomish from...something. He decided that searching for someone wouldn't be as exciting as fighting other pokemon in order to save another.

    He walked up to Thunder Fist and bowed in deep respect, "I am Mike Abbott and I wish to join you on your mission to rescue the Shroomish." He stood silently, waiting to be accepted.

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