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    Hope my first SU ever is okay enough! XD

    Name: Jack Freeman

    Age: 15

    Trainer: Johto Male

    Starter: Quilava (Egg Move – Flare Blitz)
    (I am going to skip to Pewter City, this will be my team)

    Quilava – Level 18
    Ember/Tackle/Flareblitz/Quick Attack/Smokescreen

    Pidgeotto – Level 14

    Jack is what most people tend to call – bipolar. He doesn’t actually have bipolar syndrome, or any other mental issue for that matter. He is just extremely quick to anger but is very quick to excitement. Moody is the word that pretty much sums him all up. Anyway, on the battlefield, Jack shows no mercy. Stories say that back in Celadon City (his hometown) he ruthlessly defeated everyone in his class, even his Pokémon instructors. His strategy is all-out attack, which means that while he is powerful, he isn’t the best strategist. Anyone who has a clever plan can easily defeat him. He tends to put himself and everyone around him into uncomfortable situations mainly because of his lack of common sense.

    Due to his lack of common-knowledge, Jack is virtually fearless. He thrives off of dangerous stunts i.e. “parkouring’ on top of small buildings in the city.. Although, Jack isn’t necessarily a “people” person, he is a gifted trainer. His Pokémon respect him, they follow his commands and trust him through everything. Jack is a lot kinder to his Pokémon than he is to people. He would never put his Pokémon into harm’s way. One more notable trait that jack has is his overwhelming confidence, and high self-esteem.

    Jack didn’t have much friends in Celadon City, besides a stray Meowth that roamed the streets. His family was rather dysfunctional. His mother and father were divorced and his father was a heavy smoker. Not to mention, Jack was considered a delinquent in his school, due to the catastrophic accidents that he would cause due to his stupidity.
    Overall, Jack is troubled, competitive, quick to anger, and lacks common-sense, but is very kind to his Pokémon.

    Roleplay sample:

    The putrid stench of cigarette smoke was the only smell that lurked on the long and uneventful car ride to Viridian City. Jack looked down at his sneakers, which were caked with dirt (and a little bit of blood.) The only thing that echoed in his mind was the anticipation of starting his journey. His heart beat faster and faster as they got closer to “The Eternally Green Paradise.” Jack had packed his backpack the night before and filled it with his essentials: 1000 pokedollars, a novelty gym-badge case, three potions, and two pokeballs.

    The car ride was quiet and uneventful until Jack’s father rode over a deep pothole.

    “Godammit! Do they even think about maintaining the highways?” Jack’s father wondered aloud, “Stupid, no good, corrupt politicians…” His booming, raspy voice slowly drifted into an angry mumble when he realized that Jack was staring at him.

    “Is there something wrong, Dad?” Jack asked, “Ever since I told you that I was doing this you have been extra – err- angry…”

    Jack’s father took a loud sigh and pulled his cigarette out of his mouth. A dusty poof of smoke arose from the tip of his lip. The strong smell crept into Jack’s nose and into his throat, like a clumsy ninja, it scratched its blade along the sensitive wall of his throat. Suddenly, a loud, obnoxious cough was let out and Jack’s father looked at him disapprovingly.

    “Look kid, you are all I got now that your mother is gone. I can’t afford to lose you now too. I just want you to stay safe out there. Don’t go pulling that stupid crap that you did at school,” A small grin spread across his face, “make me proud, kid.”

    The Pokémon center at Celadon City seemed much bigger than this one, yet it didn’t seem as noble. Jack waved a final goodbye to his father and gingerly stepped out of the car. His heart became a drum, beating forcefully; it felt as if it were going to burst through his chest. His legs felt like wet-noodles as they took slow and careful steps towards the new life that awaited him as soon as he pulled that door open. He grabbed the handle and tried to swing the door open- except it didn’t open. Was it locked, no it can’ be, there is no way that the Pokémon center is closed! He used all of his might to pull the door open once more, it didn’t budge.

    “Excuse me, sir,” a little girl squeaked from behind him.

    Jack stepped aside, and the little girl pushed the door open with ease. He felt his cheeks begin to glow red as he stepped inside anxiously. There she was, Proffesor Pine, standing next to a desk full of pokeballs, and his future.

    “Push, not pull…nice try, Jack…” the woman said with a subtle grin.
    Great first impression, Jack thought sarcastically as he shook the professor’s firm hand.

    “So, where’s my Pokémon? Is it a Charizard, or a Dragonite?!” Jack said with eagerness, “or how about a SNORLAX?”

    Pine smiled, “Hahaha, we only have a few select Pokémon here. However, you can find yourself a Snorlax in the wild, if you want.”

    “Ugh, fine…where are they? I want a Pokémon!” Jack squealed.

    “Right here, be careful with your choice, young man. You cannot switch it later.”
    Pine escorted Jack to a table with a large quantity of pokeballs. Several pokeballs were gone, and immediately anger filled Jack. How could he miss out on those other Pokémon? In self-pity he grabbed the first Pokéball that he saw, without realizing which one it was. He stormed into an armchair and folded his arms, waiting for Pine to give him more free stuff. All of the good Pokémon are gone, I might as well just take any at this point.

    Pine sensed his anger, but made no comment about it. She simply chuckled aloud, Jack looked at her fiercely, but Pine was unscathed by his mere disrespectfulness.

    “Anyway, here is your PokeDex, and your Pokémon Trainer License. I have registered you in the Indigo League, and I have programmed your PokeDex. Just make sure to be careful with it, there isn’t a warranty!” Pine exclaimed as he handed Jack the high-tech, red piece of technology and the Trainer License. Jack tossed the Card into his backpack and flipped open the PokeDex. Its complex buttons and lights surprised Jack, he hadn’t owned anything this cool since his Gameboy Color.

    “Thanks Professor Pine, I really appreciate it!” Jack cheerfully exclaimed.

    “Uhm…no problem!” Pine was confused, this boy, who was just acting cruel and bratty is now being grateful and charming, “Just remember to contact me if you have any questions!"

    And with that, Jack was off. He placed his PokeDex into his pocket, and sprinted out the door. He was ready to begin his journey and to complete his self-proclaimed destiny to be one of the greatest trainers of all time. The sun’s bright light gazed down into his eyes. The birds were chirping, the city was alive and energetic. It couldn’t have been a better day to start an adventure.

    He released his Pokémon, a peculiar-looking Pokémon with flames along its back. It was an awkward and bashful little guy, but it didn’t affect Jack’s immediate love for it at all. Jack flipped out his PokeDex once again, the voice boomed.

    “Quilava! The volcano Pokémon…”

    “A volcano Pokémon, that is so badass! I’m going to call you Vulcan! Would you like that, little guy?” Jack said as he pet the top of Vulcan’s head. Vulcan squeaked in enjoyment and began to give in to Jack’s affection.

    Jack, the next Pokémon master, has begun his journey…
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