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Sensei Marek
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Marek was a bit let down that the two wouldn't be able to make a long trip today. He felt like a good long walk to think things over. Still, Sareli had a point. The toxic fumes could be fatal if inhaled too often. She his superior so he would obey her. Perhaps when he got back he could meditate in order to get himself back together. The sickly sight of his father had crushed most of his spirit, but a little meditation usually did the trick. The dojo had adopted the technique of meditation from the psychic-type Pokemon, and used it to replenish their strength when they needed to do so. The Sensei listened to Sareli as she explained about the hat and the riddle her predecessor had left for her. Marek was good at riddles. He could solve this. He walked up to the table where the young Delcatty had laid out the parchment, and read what was written. The captain then began speaking, telling him about Olivia 'Golden Wing' Fennlow. Based on what Sareli was telling him, Fennlow must have been a Pokemon to be respected. Sareli seemed very fond of the Swanna, and this caused Marek to wonder if perhaps there was a time when they had been friends. He hadn't been around long enough to know.

Marek headed off to prepare the mission, not saying a word. The riddle that Golden Wing had left for Sareli kept repeating itself in his mind. It didn't seem like a riddle at all, just a simple message, but Marek knew there must be some hidden meaning behind the seemingly casual words. He reached for a cabinet and opened it, revealing a stock of berries. There were some Pecha, Oran, and Chesto berries huddled up together in a picnic basket. The Sensei took the berries from their resting place and placed them inside his own pack. There were about ten in total. He proceeded to scrounge for berries all around the room, finding a grand total of twenty more. He walked back over to his captain and handed her the bag. "I found thirty berries overall. Ten are Oran, nine are Chesto, six are Pecha, and five are Leppa," he said. "As for your riddle and your hat, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Strength and might come not from the body, but from the soul and from the heart. You don't need a hat to prove you have these qualities, because if you do, the proof is right in front of you," he explained, hoping to put Sareli's mind at ease. "For example, the fact that you don't want to go to Sludge Mountain simply for my sake is proof of that. Another would have simply left me behind and gone to seek the treasure himself."
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