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Okay everyone, what is some things you would want to see put into a remake of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald that was from the original game? It can be anything from the original games! I'll start with some:

Want to See:

*Invisible Pokemon. It might have just been me but I actually liked the idea of having invisible Kecleon playing around and fighting them (mainly because I actually liked Kecleon XD ).
*Space Center Rocket Launching. I know it doesn't have any big event (now) but I would still like to have it (and actually be able to watch at least one).
*Fishing on Pokemon. Something I liked to do for Feebas hunting so I hope it comes back.
*Clouds reflecting on water. I actually loved the look of the clouds reflecting on the water and would absolutely love to see it again.
*Groudon/Kyogre Hunting. I liked to look around for the two legendary pokemon in Emerald and I hope it stays.

Don't Want to See:

*Team Aqua/Magma costumes. I'm pretty sure they didn't change them for Team Rocket in FR/LG/HG/SS but I really hope they update the look of their costumes. I feel like an idiot having to fight people who are dressed like pirates or look like they are wearing leg warmers (I know it is suppose to signify the whole water/land thing but come on, it looks silly)
*Pokemon Battle Tents. I know they were there to replace the contest (and to help people learn about the frontier) but I didn't really like them because you didn't really get anything and you could just do the frontier at the end.