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So here's a little update for my Pokemon stuffs

There are my Pokemon Adventures collection I got until now.
R/G/B saga up until G/S/C saga. I'm gonna get the chapter 15, beginning of R/S/E saga, but the place where I buy the manga are always out of stock. I guess a lot of people are buying those.

Here are some of my cards.

These are the cards I keep in my binder.

These one are just my junk cards, I don't use them

This is my main playing deck

And this is the tin I have to keep my Pokemon deck

These are my games I currently have right now

And this is unfortunately the Pokemon 'movies' I got

Yea.. my mom gave my Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon 2000 and Pokemon 3 the Movie away... that's all I have left. I might get them back soon tho... I hope..
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