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    Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post
    I created a room at - #pcromhack - where discussion can be held for now. Obviously, if you guys would rather create a more permanent room somewhere else we can do that, but I wanted to make sure there was SOMETHING for now where we could get together and discuss the various facets of the hack; since it was better than doing nothing. XD First things first though, us story people need to figure out setting, climate, "theme" and a rough storyline for the hack so all the other teams can start getting to work. Any time to discuss this is fine - I should be around for the rest of the afternoon and evening (PST), so feel free to sign into the room when ever is good for you.

    If you don't have an irc client program, freenode can easily be reached via this link. Don't worry about the authorize to services box (unless you have a freenode account), you can easily access the room without that
    Thank you! I'm sure that this will be great to get us started!

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