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Originally Posted by 0n1br0ny View Post
Hello there. I've got a few cards I was wondering about the pricing of. (obviously)

-An EX Dragon Frontiers delta species Togetic. The border, image, rarity (star), hp, and name are all shiny.
-A first edition Jungle Rapidash.
-A "Pokemon Advanced Challenges" Golbat that was made by Topps.
-A first edition shadowless Jungle Seel.
and finally:
-A never opened Ancient Mew.

Thanks for the help!
Shadowless Jungle Seel doesn't seem right. Are you sure it's not from the Base Set?

Togetic Dragon Frontiers: $1 to $2.
Rapidash $1 to $2.
Pokemon Advanced Challenges Topps Golbat: $0.10 is my best guess, seeing as the Topps Advanced Challenges cards aren't worth very much even for a full box of 24 packs. They are rare, just not at all sought after.
Unopened Ancient Mew: $2 to $5. Cool to have, but not very rare and not sought after enough to make it in high demand. I'd wait it out and see if it comes up in value in 6 months or so, but I doubt it will.