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Hi there Suskel! Welcome to PC! You seem really friendly. Yeah I started using the internet around 8 years old and now I'm 20! Though I only really was using it to play games and look for Pokemon stuff. It wasn't till I was about 14 when I got more serious on the internet and joined forums like Gaiaonline and Grab though. Still can't believe how long the Internet's been around though and how long I have been on it.

You're an long time fan too huh? I've been playing Pokemon since Red version which was my game , but I've been a fan since the anime aired in America in 1998. I have cleared Red, Yellow, Gold, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamond, HeartGold, and White. As for main series games I'm currently working on Black 2, White 2, Sapphire , and Platinum. (I wasn't able to get Sapphire and Platinum upon release since I didn't have the system required for them.) I have yet to clear any spin-offs, but I'm in the middle of two of the Mystery Dungeon games and the first Ranger. Though I love all Pokemon games and all the generation Gamefreak has created and can't wait for X and Y! Of course since this is a Pokemon forum, there's many forums for Pokemon gaming and discussion. Glaceon is an awesome Pokemon and while Umbreon's my favorite Eeveelution , I think Glaceon's pretty cute too!

I'm an anime fan too! I love the Pokemon anime along with many others like Soul Eater, Bakuman (not to be confused with Bakugan) , Death Note, Lucky Star, etc. We have topics on anime in General Entertainment and you can definitely find some discussions on PC gaming in the Video Games forum. Plus if you like to talk we have forums here for general discussion, namely the DCC or Daily Chit Chat. Feel free to talk to any of the moderators in bold if you have any questions. Hope I can see you around, okay? Have fun!


im back

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