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Julia Blackwood - Abandoned Mill
Julia seemed ever so slightly confused, but attempted to hide it, simply nodding her head with a simple "Alright. I guess I'll talk to you soon~" in a cheery tone before she hung up. Adjusting her lavender short dress she worked on her appearance a bit more, perfecting little detals here and there before becoming satisfied that she was makng the most of her day and heading outside, no doubt with Mello in tow. The gentle morning breeze caused the hem of her dress to blow in a complimenting manner and she shielded her eyes from the sun for a moment.

Gosh, she was feeling optimistic today! She honestly wasn't sure why--Perhaps a good night's rest without the worry of intruders attacking the loft was to blame. Regardless, her courage gave her the ability to produce a pokeball. Glancing at it for a moment, she then held it out towards Mello as if in offering. "Hey--Y'know, I like having you around... I don't know how Kiba used to train you, but would you like to make i official and... be mine?~" she asked, as if proposing for a wedding. Her mood suggested that nothing could ruin her day, even as she passively looked around to observe what might be going on in the area.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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