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Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario although I still think of him as PPNSteve after all these years hahaha

Hope no one minds if I answer all the previous topics thus far...

How did you find out about PC?
Found it in the summer of '02 when I was joining a whole bunch of Pokémon forums. I forgot about most of them, including PC, by the time school started up again in September. In December, a good online friend of me told me she'd been modded at a forum she was newly obsessed with and that she had a fanclub at that forum. I was intrigued by the idea of a fanclub so I asked for the URL so I could see and noticed (because of the slogan!) that it was the forum I'd liked during the summer so I joined again on December 14, 2002 and the rest is history. :)

What's your favorite board on PC?
I'll be honest, my favourite board for years was Community HQ because I liked being able to make decisions that affected PC's daily running. n_n;; Nowadays it's probably Other Clubs because of the laid back socializing with like-minded people here.

What's your favorite event on PC? Why?
Mm, honestly, I've never really been one for PC events. :x When they're too big, I find them a bit overwhelming so I tend to lie low during them. I think the only one I actively looked forward to and really enjoyed was the very first "Get Together" which was literally just a bunch of people hoping to beat the record for most users online at one time. We manually sent out a bunch of PMs to everyone we knew to get them to come online at a specific time one Saturday or something and then everyone tried to post in the DCC at once which made it horrifically spammy but it was a lot of fun. :'D

If you have a chance to make the event for PC, what would it be?
Um, as I said, I don't really like super organized events. I guess I like the idea of movie nights or streaming episodes of the anime as a group though. But if the group is too big, it feels too disconnected so I feel like that would just be something better enjoyed with closer friends from PC and not necessarily as an official board-wide event. :x