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    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    Tajaros is back!

    Okay, so since I'm a acclaimed master of Pixel Overs (Ask Tackle) I'll have to give you advice. I'm not going for any "good job, it's great!" or anything like that. The Zoroark is weirdly resoluted. Not that it bothers me, but I can only lead to believe it's for your sig or a Titlescreen. So, how to improve it. Okay, so it's only a WIP.

    Many of the outlines are still creased, and blackened out, where it's unnecessary. And one or to of its claws are not sharp. Except for that, we'll add on the shading now, mate!
    The outlines are all black still doing the shading seems to be hard :(((((((((( (Haha lol. not really I'm just too lazy working on this Pixel Over at this time.)

    Nah, I was planning on using this for my hack though I have changed my mind and just gonna do this one for fun. Yeah thanks for the advice I'll improve the outlines and the other things you mentioned.


    This time I made a pixel over from the Sugimori Art of Zoroark tell me what you guys think.

    This my first pixel over with shading... xD So bear with the eyes I just hate it.